Colombians are fed up with corruption, and everyone seems to be under investigation

Colombians marched in Bogota on April 1 against corruption, the FARC peace process and national politics in general. Fredy Builes/Reuters
TODAY COLOMBIA (The Conversation) Civil unrest seems to be the order of the day – and the coming weeks – in Latin America. The sprawling Odebrecht bribery scandal that started in Brazil is now complicating life in many neighbouring nations.
In Colombia, recent reports reveal that the Brazilian construction company has been bribing the country’s public officials since 2010. With the 2018 presidential campaign heating up, the revelation is spurring dissatisfaction with President Juan Manuel Santos and imperilling the country’s fledgling peace process.
On April 1, up to 16,000 Colombians took to the streets to decry corruption and express ongoing dissatisfaction with the peace accords signed with

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