Coca-Cola Going Flat in Mexico

By Q24N


It may be the case that more deaths occur in Mexico due to sugary drinks than violent crime. Roughly 15,649 murders were official recorded in 2014, compared to an estimated 24,000 deaths associated with soda consumption.

In Mexico, it used to be that a heavy-rounded body frame was a sign of wealth. Now, it is a sign of poverty. Early last year, policymakers imposed a 10 percent tax increase on the alleged culprit: sugary drinks. The average Mexican drinks the equivalent of 163 liters of Coca-Cola a year, nearly half a liter a day, while 70 percent of the population is overweight and 32.8 percent is clinically obese, according to the World Health Organization. This is due in large part to its soda consumption. According to a new study published by the American Heart Association in the journal Circulation, Mexico’s death rate from diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease is 405 per million adults, the largest of any country.

For Coca-Cola, the difficulties in Mexico have not been confined to the policy realm. In the state of Guerrero, where 43 Ayotzinapa students disappeared last year, the company has been subject to kidnappings by militant student protestors and … continue reading