Central America Second To Syria In World’s Worst Conflict Zone

(Q24N) Death tolls have declined in world conflict zones but civilians remain pawns of armed groups, increasingly in urban areas, says the London-based think tank International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).
Its annual report highlighted problems in Central America.

Syria remains the world’s “most lethal” region, with 50,000 deaths in 2016. the report concluded.
“Less attention” by the international community and media is Mexico, following closely to Syria, with 25,000 deaths,  and 16,000 across El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, write IISS authors.
The report continues with overall deaths from 37 armed conflicts worldwide amounted to 157,000 in 2016, down from 180,000 in 2014.
IISS director John Chipman said nearly one in two conflicts mentioned in the study were located in urban areas, in contrast to past decades when insurgents

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