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    Costa Rica Christmas Means Lots of Calories

    We’re looking forward to wine, tamales and many other Christmas foods and drinks but who knew that in a single Christmas or New Year’s Eve party one could eat the calories normally consumed in two full days? This can even be doubled in cases when you visit one side of the family for lunch and […] More

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    Miss Costa Rica as A Blue Morpho Butterfly

    Miss Universe 2018, Natalia Carvajal, looked stunning in her typical costume. She was like a morpho butterfly in the traditional fantasy costume parade. Each lady goes in a costume inspired by her country. Natalia’s costume showed off her shapely figure. She looked confident and full of pride for her country. The wings of the butterfly […] More

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    Stealing Manhole Covers in Costa Rica Getting Harder

    The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers loses 15 to 20 manhole covers per month to criminals stealing them to sell the iron, leading to ¢20 million in replacement costs per year. AyA has come up with a design using new material that will prevent theft. By using a ductile iron cover made of […] More

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    New Age Philosophy Run Amok?

    New Age philosophy has always been rather irrational, but of late it has become quite pathetic. This hit home for me in the last few days when someone in town said, “the Lord of Light and the Lord of Darkness are the same being.” No wonder he’s been increasingly depressed of late. One can be […] More

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    Esoteric Crashing Sounds

    What makes this investigation spectacular is the crashing sounds that were heard by everyone.  The crashing sounds were in the beginning of the investigation and at the end of the investigation, during the cleansing.  The entities did not want us there!  There was no debris from the crashing sounds.  What made the crashing sounds?  Would […] More

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    Costa Rica Getting New Trains

    The Costa Rican Railway Institute (Incofer) has awarded a contract to CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., purchasing eight new trains. Each will have air conditioning and capacity for 372 passengers. They will arrive in the first half of 2020. Each one will double the capacity of the current trains. The purpose of these units is to […] More

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    Costa Rica Athletes Getting Financial Backing

    The National Olympic Committee has ¢1,000 million to be used for warm-ups and participation of Costa Rican competitors for the Pan American Games in Lima in 2019. These athletes have their eyes on Tokyo 2020. ₡546 million was transferred by the Icoder. The president of the republic and the Minister of Sports were some of […] More

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    Angel Bow Tie

    There he stands, all dressed up in a suit and bow tie. He is of dark hair and eyes. Holding out his hand towards me, we walk together up a spiral staircase made of marble with gold veins running through. I am dressed in gold, with silver heels and diamond earrings. We hear the sound […] More

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    The Amazing Color of the Poás Volcano Lagoon

    Costa Rica Travel – The lagoon at the Poás volcano has changed to a color not seen in almost 200 years. It’s known as “whale green.” This unusual hue is quite a change from its usual turquoise shade. The modification in color is due to the injection of sulfur. The volcano has two pockets of […] More

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    What Is Costa Rica Doing About the Recent Crimes Against Tourists?

    Deputies have called on the ministers of Security, Labor, and Tourism regarding the recent crimes against vacationers in Costa Rica. The President of the Security and Drug Trafficking Commission proposed that the Migration Director also appear for the motion. The proposal would call to Congress Michael Soto, Steven Nunez, Maria Amalia Revelo and Raquel Vargas. […] More

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    Winter Weather Blasting the USA

    A winter storm unleashed snow and freezing rain on large swath of the southern United States on Saturday and threatened to bring treacherous conditions to the East Coast. Approximately 25 million people in 13 states could be impacted by the snow and rain. Across the United States, nearly 800 flights were canceled and nearly 10,000 […] More

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    Police in Costa Rica Arrested in Extortion Targeting Canadian Tourists

    Costa Rica News – Police officers in Costa Rica have been arrested for shaking down Canadians in an extortion scheme targeting unwary tourists. Two Canadian visitors — a married couple — were traveling near Belén, in the northwest region of the country, on Nov. 14 when they were stopped at a police checkpoint. They were about […] More

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