Caldosa, A New Homegrown Costa Rican Dish

Q MAGAZINE – It’s not often we get to witness the birth of a new homegrown Costa Rican dish. For an ethno-foodie like myself, it’s like the discovery of a new species or the arrival of a comet.
Photo by Jack Donnelly
The dish is called a caldosa.
A caldosa is very simple to prepare. First, you take a bag of seasoned corn chips—salty crunchy—and you cut a little evenly off the top of the bag. This leaves you a container into which you spoon ceviche. The customer then adds or asks for salsas—ketchup and mayonnaise—to taste. Hot sauce is also an option. Add a plastic spoon and you have a snack ready to eat. It is, if you will, fish and chips in a bag—to go.
There are

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