Bill To Prohibit Sale of Liquor In Mini-supermarkets

The Legislative Comission for Children, Youth and Adolescents (Comisión de Niñez, Juventud y Adolescencia) is evaluating a bill to prohibit the sale of liquor in mini-supermarkets located in residential areas or near schools, day care centers, churches, hospitals, clinics and senior centers.
A bill proposes to prohibit the sale of liquor in mini supermarkers across the country
According to legislator Javier Cambronero, the proponent of the bill, the goal is to discourage the consumption of alcohol by the young.
The proposal, as expected, generates concern among retailers who warn of the possibility of closures or increased illegal sales.
“We have seen a proliferation of mini-supermarkets near schools that makes it more accessible for young people the possibility of drinking liquor,” said Cambronero.
In Costa Rica, in addition to the ‘licoreras’

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