Best Job Ever? Move to Costa Rica & Become a ‘Parrot Ambassador’

Costa Rica News – If you’re lucky, you get to spend a week at the organisation of your dreams twiddling your thumbs, furtively checking Facebook, sending one and a half emails a day and fetching tea for people who will never, ever know or care that they’re saying your name wrong.
But if you’re really lucky, you could up sticks to Costa Rica and become one with nature.
Travel firm HolidayPirates and the World Parrot Trust are looking for an ornithophile who will dedicate themselves to the protection of the species, in a unique tropical experience worth over €2,000 (£1,697).
Instead of slowly dying of boredom and fear in an office, your daily routine would involve feeding the parrots in the morning, surfing until lunch time, bird-watching in the tropical rainforest in the afternoon, and

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