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    How Fake IDs are used to Rent Cars in the State of Florida

    Many people think having a fake ID is harmless. Fake IDs such as social security, driving license is common in Florida. Possessing such false documents, you can be charged with a third-degree felony which carries typically harsh penalties which in the long run affect an individual’s future. Possession of such crucial documents usually is rampant […] More

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    Facial Recognition & Fingerprints Being Implemented into Costa Rica IDs

    You may not have thought much about it but whenever you picked up your ID you were asked to sign in using your index finger. This allowed the Government to make a system of almost everyone’s fingerprint. It’s now more advanced. The next time you renew your ID you will register in a bidactillary identification […] More

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    Costa Rica To Have Electric Train on the Caribbean?

    21 companies are interested in putting in proposals for the Limonense Freight Electric Train. Several of them will be in the Caribbean next week conducting field inspections needed to create proposals. President Carlos Alvarado recently visited the area to inspect roads and community infrastructure works. This Government plans to put into operation the first two […] More

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    Former President of Costa Rica to Speak at Duke Feb. 27th

    Former Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera will discuss the daunting challenges facing Central America during a talk Wednesday, Feb. 27, at Duke University. His talk, “Central American Realities,” is free and open to the public. The event starts at 5 pm at the Nasher Museum of Art. Paid parking is available at the museum. For many years, […] More

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    How Ticos Worked for Trump with Fake Documents

    When Trump was elected, the Tico community of the United States wondered what would happen as he was outwardly incredibly against immigration while privately paying immigrants to work for him. Such is the story of many Costa Ricans from Pérez Zeledón. Many follow contacts they have who have gone to Bound Brook, New Jersey. Once […] More

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    Will Costa Rica’s Ruta de Circunvalación Actually Be Complete?

    The “Ruta de Circunvalación” been 40 years in the making. There are promises that it will be finished during this Government and that is seeming more likely now that the Central American Bank for Economic Integration will provide a $70 million loan. With these funds, which are expected in April according to the MOPT hierarch […] More

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    5 Great Local Meals in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

    Puntarenas is Costa Rica’s largest province, which spans Manuel Antonio National Park along the Pacific Coast in the north and the southern tip that touches Panama. The region is replete with outdoor adventure, where you can ATV through the soaring elevations of the mountains, or maneuver the white water rapids down the Cordillera de Tilaran. […] More

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    Oscar Arias’ Nobel Prize Vandalized in Costa Rica

    Three people vandalized a showcase in the National Museum on Thursday night while on the Art City Tour. They were identified by security videos and could be accused by the entity, but should they be? The vandalized exhibition was about Oscar Arias’ Nobel Prize. Many have asked for it to be removed following many accusations […] More

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    USA Sending Costa Rica Money to Fight Organized Crime

    The U.S. stands by Costa Rica in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime. This only makes sense as the drugs trafficked often end up in the U.S. The country has increased by 33% its contribution to Costa Rica. The U.S. Congress approved $40.7 million for this year. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs points […] More

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    The Legends of the Afterlife

    Time has left us memories of our ancestors. Those memories are expressed through art, stories and history. The most beautiful examples are of the tales of the afterlife. There is so much wonder at the world directly in front of us that most of us cannot see until our deaths. I have collected some breath […] More

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    Shipping A Car To Costa Rica; No More Lemons Allowed

    Used car importers complain about new guidelines that are blocking the entry of certain used vehicles to the country. There are 900 cars stranded in customs and another 3,000 waiting in U.S. ports. The authorities assure that these new regulations are to guarantee the safety of the cars being imported. They are blocking the entry […] More

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    Costa Rica’s 2019 Marathons in Guanacaste

    Guanacaste will put two marathons on the national calendar this year. They’ll take place in Pinilla and Flamingo. The events will have distances of 42, 31, 21, and 10.5 kilometers. The JW Marriott Marathon will be in Pinilla, Santa Cruz, on July 27. Grupo Publicitario decided to create this event due to the conditions of […] More

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