Argentina Closes Deals with US on Tourism, Lemon Imports and Declassified Documents

Trump declassified dictatorship-era documents for Macri while also lifting the trade stall on lemons. (Twitter)
(Q24N) The impact of the meeting between Argentina President Mauricio Macri and United States President Donald Trump this week is already taking shape, as new policies and information have come to fruition regarding the past and future relationship of the two nations.
Lemon imports
The province of Tucumán, a major citrus producer, was seriously hurt by Trump’s decision to cancel lemon imports from Argentina.
The topic was an expected point of conversation between the two, with one journalist even asking Trump if the imports would be reinstated considering that he was such good friends with Macri.
“Let’s talk about it,” Trump said. “I’ll tell you about North Korea and he’ll tell me about lemons. It’s all about lemons. It’s

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