Arenal Reinventing Itself While It’s Volcano Is Inactive

By Isabella Foster Villanueva

arenal volcano tours 1

Costa Rica Travel – The Arenal Volcano became inactive but that didn’t mean that the surrounding town did as well.

In fact, La Fortuna reinvented itself and became popular among tourists and locals once again.

Of course, the news that the volcano was no longer putting on a show lowered interest in visiting the area but now, years later, Arenal is a hotspot again, for other reasons, namely adventure tourism.

The mountainous zone is great for zip lining and ATV riding. This area has the best spiderman ride in the country, not to mention zip lines that reach record speeds. Talk about adrenaline!

River tours and activities are also popular, as is horseback riding and hiking.

After a day of river rafting in cool water one can enjoy a hot coffee at any number of cute cafes or relax in the heavenly hot springs.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times