Apple reduces speed of iPhones as batteries wear out, report suggests

A new analysis of performance data has reignited the debate over whether Apple intentionally slows down older iPhones.
‘This will likely feed into the planned obsolescence narrative,’ said Primate Labs researcher John Poole. Photograph: Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images
The data suggests Apple reduces the speed of the processors in iPhones with old and worn batteries, making them slower.
Following user reports that older iPhones with ageing batteries performed worse than the same smartphones with replacement batteries, founder of benchmarking firm Primate Labs John Poole collated data from the company’s Geekbench program that is run on thousands of iPhones.
He found that results from benchmark tests from the iPhone 6S running iOS 10.2 pooled around the expected performance peak showing what the iPhone 6S was capable of without any hindrance.

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