Apple a Country On Its Own: First To Cross US$800 Billion Barrier

If Apple were a country, the iPhone would be its capital
Q TECH – Apple Inc., the U.S. technology giant, has gone where no U.S. company has gone before, on Tuesday becoming the first company ever in the world to enjoy a market capitalization of US$800 billion.
If Apple were a country, the iPhone its capital, it would bn 17th largest economy in the world.
Along with the Larry Page and Sergey Brin founders of Google parent Alphabet Inc. (US$660 billion) and Bill Gates’ Microsoft (US$530 billion), the three ‘AAM’ (Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft) firms are worth nearly US$2 trillion.
In Star Trek, the USS Enterprise reaches “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”
There are 119 countries in the world, including in Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Luxembourg and neighbouring

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