An Interview with Butch Patrick aka Eddie Munster

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Ghosts & the Supernatural – Who does not remember growing up and watching “The Munsters”? A show with just the right amount of humor mixed in with a touch of terror.  Today we are going to have an interview with Butch Patrick, you will remember him as Eddie Munster.

Question: Butch, before we get into this interview, how about telling the readers something personal about yourself. Your family life, your favorite movies, your favorite books, your schooling, your favorite TV shows. Recreational activities and hobbies?

Answer: I’m single never been married. Twice engaged. My favorite movies are: 2001, Wizard of Oz Monty Python & The Holy Grail. My favorite books: Think and Grow Rich. Richest Man in Babylon. My schooling: Public schools and studio tutors. My hobbies and recreational activities are: traveling, cars, bikes and boating.

Question: Would you consider your days filming with the Munsters the highlight of your life?

Answer: No, actually when I WASN’T filming was more fun. I had the biggest studio and backlot at my disposal. I had the backlot as my playground. So that was more fun.

Question: Is there any chance that the Munsters will return to TV with new actors and actresses playing the Munsters?

Answer: No plans … continue reading

Via:: Costa Rican Times