Albino Vargas: The Face Behind The National Strike

A leave without pay granted to Albino Vargas on January 15, 1990, has allowed this public employee to remain in his career as general secretary of the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos (ANEP) – National Association of Public Employees – without the possibility of removing him from the position or fill it with another person.
Albino Vargas
The leave was granted by the Ministerio de Justicia (Ministry of Justice), where Vargas began working as a clerk (Oficinista) in 1981.
At the time he was granted the leave his monthly salary was ¢23,710 colones monthly. The exchange rate in 1983 (the farthest back the Central Bank will go) was ¢45 to one US dollar. The exchange rate today is ¢580.
Currently, the monthly salary of an Oficinista under the Civil

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