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By: Tamarindo News Staff and ADI

ADI Updates

There’s never any downtime when it comes to the Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Tamarindo (ADI). Here is an update on everything the organization has going on to benefit our town.

Security: On July 1, the Security Committee (CST) had a meeting with officials from various law enforcement agencies: Touristic Police, Public Police, Traffic Police and the Immigration Police. The meeting synchronized between the departments a method for sharing information, needs and achievements.

At this time, ADI continues to raise money to hire a private security company for Tamarindo.


The relatively new Tamarindo Lifeguards had a lot of work last July 11 at their station on Tamarindo Beach. There were lots of rescues and assists. Working as a team, more than 10 people were rescued in just one day.

At approximately 3 p.m., volunteer lifeguard Ricardo Calderón pulled a woman away from the riptide near the rocks in front of Diria Hotel. Less than two hours later, Lifeguards Victor Nuñez and Jonathan Thompson noticed a family struggling in the rip current near the Lifeguard tower. But that didn’t end the rescues. Before sunset, several kayakers near Isla Capitán, about 1500 meters from the beach, were struggling against the … continue reading

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