A Costa Rica Bachelor Party in Jaco Beach & Sport Fishing

By Hazel Diaz

costa rica fishing bachelor party

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – Are you planning to give your friend, who is about to tie the knot, a remarkable and unforgettable bachelor party experience? If so then forget about going to Vegas and getting a traditional bachelor party rather get down to Costa Rica and give the groom the pampering and treat he definitely deserves.  

So what do you get in Costa Rica? Well aside from the regular stuff (binge drinking, gambling, all-night partying and one-night stands with different beautiful Ticas) you also get to enjoy wild nature activities like jungle ATV tours, canopy or zip line tours, white water rafting and so much more.

Costa Rica’s territory may just be about 0.03 per cent of the earth’s surface but it boasts of more biodiversity compared to other larger countries around the world and home to around 4 per cent of the species on earth. If you and your buddies go to an ATV tour you will get to experience the amazing wildlife and terrain; discover the land, beaches, mountain and rainforest; and most of all delve in the country’s colorful culture.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times