90% of Law Graduates Failed Their Bar Exam

Of the 1,277 law graduates aspiring to become lawyers who took the bar exam to be enrolled in the Colegio de Abogados (Bar Association) in November, 1,154 or 90% failed.

The graduates were from 22 universities, both public and private. Most had already taken the exam at least once.
The Colegio said the overall approval results for 2018 declined with respect to other years in which the percentage of success was also low.
In 2017, only 25% (261 or the 1,048) graduates passed the exam. In 2016, the pass was 14% 0(112 of 809).
The bar exam consists of 75 questions that assess knowledge about constitutional, labor, criminal, civil, family, commercial and administrative law.
Why so few manage to pass?
“We think that maybe people do not prepare very well.  For

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