70% of People Unhappy with Customer Service in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica News – I am surprised it was only 70%, for some reason in the Costa Rican society taking care of patrons is not of the utmost importance to those working here.  

It could be the fact that the tip is already included at restaurants or perhaps it is the fact that there is shortsightedness not seeing that good service could lead to future business through referrals.  Whatever it is you should not expect the best service when visiting Costa Rica. There are exceptions but that is what they are exceptions.

Seven out of ten people are not satisfied with the regular customer service they receive in Tico stores, according to a study completed by the market research and public opinion company UNIMER.

The study reports that the biggest areas of fault are the lack of customer attention and the flawed system that handles customers’ complaints. UNIMER also reported on the influence of product freshness and store cleanliness as factors.

The report also offered suggestions for improvements. Quick and thorough service was considered to be at the top of the list. Participants in the study also identified waiting longer than necessary as a harmful factor to the store’s report.

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Via:: Costa Rican Times


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