6’3″ Twelve Year Old Costa Rican Aspires for the NBA

Costa Rica News – A 12-year-old boy in Limon who measures 1.92 meters and uses size 47 shoes may be a giant among his peers but also giant is the outlook for his basketball career.
He, Joshand Johnson Smith, plays at the Balvanero Vargas school in Cieneguita.
The team placed fourth in the country in the finals last week, greatly due to this star player. The physical education teacher instructs over 50 children and has led them to five consecutive national finals.
Joshand is often the target of jokes and is even stopped often in the street to ask for photographs due to his stature. The height runs in his family. His parents are 1.85 and 1.80 and his uncle is 2.15.
Joshand hopes to grow even taller and become

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