5 questions for a Costa Rican comedian – 'To hear them laugh is poetry'

By Amanda Zuniga

Hernán Jiménez is renowned throughout the country as a comedian, but his talent doesn’t stop there: he is also a successful actor, screenwriter and producer. His 2012 film “El Regreso” told the story of a Costa Rican struggling to adapt to his country once more after many years away; his standup comedy acts such as “Vamos x partes” and “¡Esto es en serio!” have become phenomena of their own. The Tico Times spoke to Jiménez about the roots of his career, what it’s like to be alone onstage, and why all artists should “get naked.” Excerpts follow.

How did your career start, and what pushed you towards it?

I decided to study theater in Montreal, and started looking for some viable way of being an artist. When I returned to Costa Rica I had to face a completely paralyzed, arid and exclusive cultural panorama. After seeing this, I decided to work on my own. I wrote and directed my first documentary about the lack of safety in San José. Then I wrote my first play, “A One-Man Show,” which really marked my life and was also a precursor of my incursion to standup comedy. These two works led me to discover that a [blend] of art, film and stage … continue reading

Via:: Tico Times