30 Years Ago, A Thief Amputated Both Hands of A Woman, A Tico Doctor Reattached Them

By Rico


Dr. Carlos Alberto Centeno

QCOSTARICA – It was 30 years ago when Clara Diana Alvarado suffered serious injury to both her hands by a thief who had invaded her home who.

Arriving at her home around 8:00pm, Clara Diana discovered the man in her home and during a  struggle, suffered deep and severe cuts by a knife the thief carrying, resulting in the amputation of both hands.

The incident happened in Rohrmoser, a posh community on the west side of San Jose. And although you might think that at the time medicine was not as advanced as today, doctors at the Hospital Mexico achieved the unthinkable: re-attached both hands, giving Clara Diana her mobility.

According to the specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the medical centre, who three decades was in charge of the procedure, Dr. Carlos Alberto Centeno, the surgery took a little more than twelve hours.

Today, thanks to this breakthrough and therapy, Diana Clana has a normal life, only losing mobility in one of her fingers.

Dr. Centeno recalls one hand was completely severed, the other stuck to “a tiny bit of skin”. Diana Clara also suffered minor injuries to the head and one leg.

“This really, at that time, was very … continue reading



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