2 Sentenced in Costa Rica for Organ Trafficking

Costa Rica News (AFP) – I was wondering what happened to my other kidney when I left the hospital in Costa Rica. I guess now I know.
A doctor and a pizzeria owner were sentenced by a Costa Rican court Monday for recruiting poor people to sell their kidneys for transplants to foreigners, mainly Israelis.
The Costa Rican doctor found guilty of conducting illegal transplants, Francisco Mora Palma, was jailed for 12 years under the verdict reached by a panel of three judges in the capital San Jose.
A Greek businessman, Dimostenes Katsigiannis, was ordered imprisoned for eight years for locating would-be organ donors and offering them between US$3,000 (S$4,038) and US$6,000 for one of their kidneys.
Three other doctors charged with being part of a ring led by

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