10 Things We Need To Learn From Costa Ricans

By Rico

Photo: Chris Wronski


Photo: Chris Wronski

1. How to keep the party going

Whenever an American city or neighborhood, big or small, has a festival, there are weeks of preparation involved followed by fliers and social media advertising. In Costa Rica, they just seem to spontaneously happen. I could hear marching bands practicing regularly into the night only to suddenly take to the streets for God knows what. Music might be booming down at Mercado Viejo or, as had happened on more than one occasion, a group of Mascaradas (a popular Costa Rican tradition of dressing up as large, masked characters often with roots in national legend) could be dancing in circles warming up before a procession. Even in my pueblito, there was always something happening.

2. What a town is supposed to look like

Living in little Ciudad Colón 22 kilometers outside of capital San José reminded me of how people talk about 1950s America. Everyone shopped with the local … continue reading



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